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About Tenancy Deposit Protection

Since April 1st 2013, if you pay a deposit to your landlord or letting agent then they must protect it in a government approved tenancy deposit scheme.

The law was introduced to ensure that you are able to get your deposit back from your landlord or agent when you move out provided you’ve met the terms of your tenancy agreement.

How Insurance based deposit protection works:

We are authorised by the Northern Ireland Executive to protect your deposit.

Landlords and letting agents can join our scheme and pay a deposit protection fee to protect your deposit. This fee enables them to hold your deposit for the duration of your stay, and then return the agreed amount to you when you move out.

If you are unhappy with the amount of the deposit offered to you by your landlord or agent at the end of your stay then you can raise a formal dispute with my|deposits Northern Ireland, we offer a free and impartial dispute resolution service to resolve the dispute.