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Custodial Protection = we hold the deposit

You lodge the deposit with us.

We safeguard the deposit on your behalf for the duration of the tenancy. 

Free to join and use.

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How it works:

Custodial - Comply

Benefits at a glance

  • You lodge the deposit with us
  • We hold it in a secure bank account
  • Fast release of the deposit at the end of tenancy
  • Free Dispute Resolution Mechanism

How it works

Once you have received the deposit from your tenant you have:

  • 14 days to protect it with a scheme
  • 28 days to pass key information to the tenant.

Beware: Penalties apply

A tenant can report a landlord/agent to the local council if they fail to protect, and/or provide key information within the specified time limits.

Councils have the power to issue fixed penalties.