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Custodial based deposit protection

This option enables the landlord or letting agent to lodge the tenancy deposit with mydeposits Northern Ireland to hold for the duration of the tenancy.

It is completely free for landlords and agents to join and use. All deposits must be lodged with us within the first 14 days of receiving it. Information about the deposit protection must be given to the tenant within 28 days of receipt of the deposit.

We safeguard the deposit in a segregated, secure bank account. At the end of the tenancy both parties must use unique release codes to authorise the repayment of the deposit. We are here to help if there is a dispute over proposed deductions to the deposit.

I am a Landlord/Agent

Find out how we safeguard the deposit and how you can comply with the new legislation using our custodial option.

I am a Tenant

Find out how your deposit is protected with our custodial based option and read about your rights as a tenant.