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Guides and Support

We have developed a series of useful guides for landlords and letting agents on a wide range of topics, including useful guides for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Guide Description
Managing your landlords' expectations

A useful for guide for letting agents to help facilitate the relationship between your tenants and landlord clients.

Rules of claiming for deposits deductions

A handy 12 page guide to claiming, in the event of a dispute with your tenant over deductions to the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Tips for Negotiating with your Tenants 

Helpful advice for landlords and letting agents on negotiating with your tenants over deposit deductions at the end of the tenancy. 

What to Include in Your Tenancy Agreement
We bring you our tips for ensuring your tenancy agreement includes the important clauses which you may need to rely on in the event of a dispute at the end of the tenancy.
5 top tips for Letting to Student Tenants  Tim Frome, Head of Legal Services, provides us with his best practice advice for letting to students.
Using Photo and Video Evidence  Top tips from our Head Adjudicator on how to ensure your photographs and video footage can be used as evidence in a deposit dispute.
A Guide to Fair Wear and Tear Key pointers to help you determine what is and what is not, fair wear and tear. 
Advice for Check-in and Check-out Our advice for conducting a check in and check out report for your tenancies, including a printable checklist to take along to check in.
Key Dispute Evidence - A Checklist A checklist to highlight the key documents you should aim to gather before, during and at the end of the tenancy to support your claim in the event of a deposit dispute.
In Conversation with the Adjudicators Insight from an experienced Adjudicator who answers the most frequently asked questions about evidence which should be submitted when involved in a dispute over the deposit. 
Understanding Damp and Mould Essential tips to help agents, landlords and tenants tackle and prevent the problematic issue of damp and mould growth in the rental property.
Letting to Tenants with Pets  A best practice guide for landlords who are thinking of letting to tenants with pets. The guide contains helpful tips including giving permission to your tenants in writing. Also see our Reasonably Worded Pet Clauses.
Reasonably Worded Pet Clauses Guidance for wording your pet clauses in your Tenancy Agreement or as an addendum, to help ensure your clauses are fair and comprehensive.
How to Claim for Garden Maintenance Garden maintenance can be a contentious issue and as with all cases, the evidence submitted to an adjudicator is crucial for supporting your claim.
How to Claim for General Cleaning The matter of general or professional cleaning is a leading cause for dispute between landlord/agent and tenant. 
How to Claim for Damages/Redecoration Another common cause for disputes is the matter of damages and redecoration of the rental property.
How to Claim for Missing or Replacement Items Missing items may vary from keys, cutlery or large furniture.  
How to Claim for Smells 
Proving a smell exists is very difficult especially when it comes to providing evidence for a deposit dispute. Find out more about how to claim for smells in your property.