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Our important scheme documents and useful resources are available for you to download and print. 

Document Description
How to use my|deposits Northern Ireland A helpful guide explaining the simple processes for joining and protecting deposits with the scheme.
The Scheme Rules This contains the rules of membership for all members of mydeposits Northern Ireland.
Significant Changes  A summary of important changes to the previous Scheme Rules 1st Edition.
Conditions of Deposit Disputes
A new document designed to guide Members and Tenants through the dispute process.
The Scheme Rules 1st Edition The previous version of the Scheme Rules.

Prescribed Information

Part of your legal obligation is to provide the tenant with key details about the deposit protection, known as Prescribed Information, within 28 days. To make things simple for our members we provide three key documents - an Information for Tenants Leaflet, a template for you to complete and a Deposit Protection Certificate (produced when the deposit is successfully protected, not shown below) that make up the required Information. 

Document Description
Deposit Deduction Template This document explains the Prescribed information with a printable template for you to provide to the tenant explaining reasons why you may need to make deductions to the deposit.
Information for Tenants Leaflet Information to be provided to the tenant by members of the mydeposits Northern Ireland Insurance Scheme.