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Dispute Resolution Service for Landlords

The new legislation clearly states the deposit money belongs to the tenant. At the end of the tenancy they are entitled to get it back, provided they have honoured the terms of their tenancy agreement.

You can still make necessary deductions to the deposit for things like unpaid rent or damage to the property, however you will need your tenant's agreement to the deduction at the deposit release stage.

About dispute resolution

  • We provide a free impartial dispute resolution service to resolve any disputes over the deposit deductions.
  • The law states youmust provide evidence to support your claim to withhold the deposit. The decision of your claim is made by an impartial and qualified adjudicator. 
  • Providing robust evidence for adjudication is key to success in a dispute. We aim to provide a fast, impartial dispute service, and support you to ensure you provide the right, high quality evidence when required.

Visit our guides and support page to read useful guides and informative literature to help you deal with a dispute at the end of the tenancy.