Students – Are your deposits protected?

With the new university terms approaching, a large number of students are preparing to move into their new rental properties for the forthcoming academic year.

Surprisingly, a high number of student tenants are unaware of the laws that are in place to protect them when renting from a private landlord, so we’ve teamed up with the Department for Communities to bring you some valuable advice when moving into a place of your own.

Communities Minister, Paul Givan MLA said:

“The Landlord Registration and Tenancy Deposit Schemes were introduced to improve the Private Rented Sector by improving tenants’ confidence in their landlord and increasing landlords’ accountability”


Landlord Registration

By law, all private landlords who are renting a residential property in Northern Ireland must be registered with the Landlord Registration Scheme – a government initiative introduced to help raise standards in the private rented sector

my|deposits NI strongly recommends that you check with your landlord that they are registered to ensure that your landlord is complying with the law and is following best practice guidelines, which will help make sure your tenancy runs smoothly.

For more details regarding the Landlord Registration Scheme and to find out if your landlord is registered, click here.


Tenancy Deposit Schemes

Another initiative in place is the tenancy deposit scheme. These organisations, such as my|deposits NI, are in place to safeguard your deposits and to ensure that the landlord cannot make deductions unfairly. A dispute resolution service is available for any tenants that are protected with a scheme to help settle any deposit disputes at the end of a tenancy.

The landlord has 14 days from the date they received the deposit to protect your money with a government approved tenancy deposit scheme and a further 14 days to notify you of how and where your deposit is protected.

It is vital that you make sure your landlord gives you proof that your deposit is protected; if your landlord tries to make any unfair deductions to your deposit it will be harder to dispute these without the help of a tenancy deposit scheme.


For full details regarding the tenancy deposit scheme law, click here.


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