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Spring Cleaning – Top Tips for Maintaining Your Property

As the spring finally arrives after what might have felt like a long, cold winter, it is time to make vital checks to your property and carry out some spring cleaning to keep your property in a good condition.

Here are our top tips to maintain your property in spring:


Clean your gutters

To do their job and prevent damage to the property from overflowing rainwater, gutters should be cleaned approximately twice every year – this will prevent blockage from leaves and debris.

Conduct a roof inspection

Spotting the first stages of roofing problems with an annual roof inspection could save you a fortune. Carrying this inspection during spring is ideal for spotting any issues that may have occurred as a result of weather over the cold winter months.

Issues to scan your roof for include:

Tiled roofs

  • Damp or leaks – could signal a cracked or slipped tile.
  • A blown off tile – it will need replacing as soon as possible to prevent water from penetrating the felt underneath. Significantly, other tiles are more prone to dislodging in harsh winds if there is one missing already.

Flat roofs

  • Cracks or splits around the edges.
  • Sagging – if enough water builds up, boards can break under the weight.
  • Damp patches on the ceiling – this may indicate that the roof has a tear.

Pest Control

Additionally, ensure that you check your loft for rodents, birds and wasps nests. If there is any sign of this, contact a specialist pest controller to help you deal with the situation and prevent any damage.

Paint repair

Keep painted surfaces in good condition and hazard free by removing any chipped or peeling paint and then spot paint any exposed surfaces as a precautionary method against rot. Also, check window and door frames (inside and out) for signs of damage – discovering signs of problems before they develop is a recommended way of saving resources and time in the long term.

Maintain outside areas

Now that the freezing temperatures are behind us, it’s arguably the best moment to spruce up the garden and/or front garden and in time for spring and summer.

Here are some tips on how you can effectively tidy up your garden:

  • Dig any flower beds and borders, remove leaves and debris
  • Tackle the weeds which can damage driveways and patios by growing through the cracks
  • Fix any broken fences, gates or trellises to keep your garden looking presentable and give the shed a fresh lick of varnish or paint
  • Mow your lawn to stop overgrowth


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