Loving Your Tenants and Your Property Can Help You Reap the Rewards

Loving Your Tenants and Your Property Can Help You Reap the Rewards

A well-looked after tenant is a happy tenant, and a happy tenant is more likely to take good care of your property and may want to rent your property on a long-term basis.

Top tips for keeping your tenant happy: 

  • - Keep in touch to make sure they are happy with the property
  • - Make sure appropriate fixes and/or appliance replacements are made in good time
  • - Respect the tenant’s right to privacy
  • - Be completely transparent with all information regarding all aspects of the property
  • - Keep your tenant informed on their security deposit status – if they’ve left unfair wear and tear, tell them early on to try and work things out quickly and amicably
  • - Offer advice, spare household items, or just about anything you think that will help  

Doing these things will help your tenant feel appreciated, and this can sometimes be the deciding factor when a tenant chooses whether to prolong their stay or not.

For whenever it occurs, take a look at our tips to help you deal with wear and tear.

Now, let’s look at how you can love your property.

Home is where the heart is  

Your tenants are likely to feel much happier in a clean, stable home that’s free of damage, non-working or missing appliances and damp and/or mould.

Keeping your property in good repair during the tenancy will hopefully mean less void periods between tenancies for repair work. Make sure you: 

  • - Make routine checks to your property’s interior and exterior
  • - If any signs of damp or mould are spotted, take care of the source of damp and use a regulation-approved cleaner for the mould
  • - Ensure repairs are carried out before they develop into something worse
  • - Redecorate the property when marks begin to show or paint starts to peel (or even if you feel the décor has gone out of fashion)
  • - Test appliances regularly to make sure they’re still working correctly and safely – if they aren’t, remove them and replace them in good time so that your property doesn’t have anything missing  

For further insights into damp and mould in the property, read our in-depth damp and mould analysis. 

Treat your tenants and your property with a bit of care and attention this Valentines day.


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