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Introductory Course on Evidence and Adjudications 

Our Introductory Course on Evidence and Adjudications workshop provides landlords and letting agents with first hand insight into how the dispute resolution process works. 

Course details

This educational seminar uses a case study format to highlight common areas of dispute and helps to identify effective ways for you to avoid deposit disputes through everyday best practice. 

free workshop covers: 

      • An interactive case study for you to judge a dispute for yourself.
      • Advice for preparing essential key evidence to help support a claim to the tenancy deposit.
      • Guidance for defining 'fair' wear and tear throughout the property.
      • Expert advice from members of our experienced team.

When are they taking place?

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Suzy Hershman, Head Adjudicator
The workshop is led by Suzy Hershman, Head Adjudicator


Further information 

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