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Rate Rebate Scheme Landlord Guidance

We have been asked to share the following guidance to our landlord members by the Department for Communities. Should you have any further questions, please contact the Department for Communities.

The Rate Rebate Scheme, administered by Land & Property Services (LPS), replaces Housing Benefit, for rates only, for home owners and tenants, of working age.

To avail of the Rate Rebate Scheme a claimant must be:

  • Entitled to Universal Credit (UC); and
  • Liable for payment of rates, either directly to LPS or to their Landlord.

Landlords should encourage their tenants to apply for the Rate Rebate scheme if they meet the above criteria as an award of Rate Rebate could reduce the amount of rates the landlord has to pay LPS.

Rate Rebate is a digital first application for which claimants are required to:

  • Set up an online account
  • Apply online
  • Provide details of landlord
  • Advise of relevant changes online.

LPS requires landlords to:

  1. Set up a landlord online account
  2. Confirm the claimant lives in the property as a tenant
  3. Confirm the number of tenants living in the property

Landlord Registration Process:

If you're a private landlord and your tenant claims Rate Rebate, you need to register a landlord Rate Rebate account online. A landlord only needs one Rate Rebate account.

To register a landlord Rate Rebate account, you must create an account at:, by

  • Registering your name and email address with a password
  • Activate your account by clicking on the link sent to you immediately by email.
  • You need to log in and register your Rate Rebate account as a landlord. 
  • Confirm if you are registering as a person or company
  • Include a telephone number and ratepayer ID on your rate bill
  • LPS need to verify your information. Verification doesn’t happen as soon as you send your information online. When you receive confirmation later by email, you can log in to do different Rate Rebate actions. 

LPS offers digital assistance to Landlords on 0300 200 7802.

When you log into your landlord Rate Rebate account, you can:

  • Complete certificates of occupation for your tenants. This must be done within 10 days (otherwise the claimant will be advised that their claim is defective)
  • View your Rate Rebate schedules
  • Update your contact details
  • Report changes to a tenancy 

Advantages of the Rate Rebate Scheme landlord online service:

  • No more paper forms
  • Communications via email
  • Digital assistance provided by telephony support
  • Account management using PC, Tablets or Mobile Phone

Rate Rebate is awarded for an annual period unless there is a relevant change in the claimant’s circumstances, for example, Universal Credit entitlement ends. The award is made as a monthly credit to the rate account and is paid in arrears, which reduces the balance due.

Rate Rebate payment does not change entitlement to the 10% Landlord Allowance.

Further information on the landlord Rate Rebate account can be viewed through the following web link: