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Northern Ireland has lowest rents in the UK

Tenants in Northern Ireland are paying the lowest rents in the UK, according to the official statistics.

Average weekly rents are £98 a week - £40 a week lower than the UK average of £138 a week, the Northern Ireland housing statistics for 2017-18 show.

In England, tenants are paying £148 a week, while those in Scotland pay £115 and Welsh renters pay £109.

Social housing rents in Northern Ireland average £77 a week.

The figures also show one in four private tenants have been in their homes for less than 12 months, although one in three had rented their home for more than five years.

Around 110,645 (14 per cent) of 790,328 homes in Northern Ireland are privately rented, with another 4 per cent provided rent-free, while 69 per cent are owner-occupied.

The average household is made up of 2.5 people.

The average house price is £135,060 - up 2.3 per cent in the past three months and 4.8 per cent since October


Builders started construction on 6,731 private homes, completing 5,886 in 2017-18.

Nearly all homes (99 per cent) have central heating, compared to 95 per cent in 2001. Most are heated by oil or gas.

Tenants in private housing have the highest housing costs - £94 a week, compared to £76 for social housing tenants and £47 for those owning their own home.

Private renters had an average weekly household income of £592 a week.